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Saturday, June 18, 2016

We had our last zone conference this past week. It sure seems weird that this day could already be here. We had another fabulous special musical number. Thanks to Elder Mora for arranging the piece and for all those who participated. Bandera de Sion is president's favorite hymn.

Here is the opening hymn, "Que firmes cimientos."

The closing song was "A vencer."

Every missionary got a custom Panama Mission temple recommend holder and a postcard of a mola of the First Vision.

One of our assistants broke off part of his big toenail. The nurse told him that he couldn't cover it and he didn't want to wear flip flops to the zone conference. Since he's going home next week and his shoes were already in bad shape he improvised.

For lunch we had tacos from a Mexican restaurant called Los Tarascos. They were an hour late showing up with the food, but it was fun that they cooked and made the tacos on site.

President with his awesome counselor in the mission presidency, Presidente Bram.

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