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Friday, June 3, 2016

This was our last mission leadership council. We're so grateful for all the assistants, zone leaders, sister training leaders and secretaries that we have worked with in our three years here. We appreciate and love each one of you! We are very excited to have Presidente and Hermana Current coming to Panama. We know they will do an excellent job here.

Here's a video of  "Called to Serve."

The missionaries made this nice card for Presidente Carmack.

We found a good bakery that made bread bowls for us for lunch. We had clam chowder and creamy mushroom soup. 

Our family had the privilege of helping to do the temple work for one of our elder's parents. Our daughter, did the baptism and confirmation work for his mother and I did the initiatory and endowment work for her. This past Wednesday, we were lucky enough to stand is as proxy for his parents at the sealing. This is what the Gospel is all about! It was an awesome experience that we were so happy to be part of. 

His companion was one of the witnesses for the sealing.

San Blas (Guna Yala)
El presidente was there this past weekend for a district conference. This is what a chapel looks like in San Blas. It is open to the air and ocean.

With the district president, Presidente Diaz.

The choir of adult women (they are really short). 

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