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Sunday, January 3, 2016

We had three great elders finish their service this week that had to get home for college entrance exams. Thank you so much for your service in the mission.

Contrary to popular rumor, the mission mailing address has not changed. Please send your packages and letters from the US via USPS to the following address:
Name of missionary
Mision Panama
AP 0834-02798
Republica de Panama

As a reminder, you cannot mail medications to Panama and if you send food items, they may or may not make it through customs. Also, Panama does not have a mail delivery system. All mail and packages must be picked up at the post office and it can take weeks or months for mail to clear customs and get to your missionary.

The church just built a new stake center in downtown Panama City, which also houses the new mission office. We had our first missionary meeting there this week, which was our mission leadership council.

The new building

The new building is right across the street from one of the synagogues in Panama City.

Star of David in the synagogue's fence design.

We consumed a few pizzas. Here are some of the boxes.

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