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Saturday, November 14, 2015

We recently set a goal as a mission to have 10 new investigators per companionship a week or 600 new investigators per week as a mission. We wanted to average this over 4 weeks and if we met the goal, the whole mission would get to watch the movie, "Freetown." What we didn't realize when we set the goal was that the last week of the 4 was a big holiday here in Panama called Fiestas Patrias, and is a more difficult week to find investigators. We needed 612 new investigators and we got 687!!! We totally exceeded the goal and got to see the movie, complete with nachos, popcorn, soda and candy. We were so happy that we did so well on the goal and grateful for such hard-working missionaries. Great job guys!

I popped 60 bags of popcorn!

The jalapenos were so popular that we used up an entire giant jar of them.

The Assistants sent from some photos from a recent preparation day activity.

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  1. Were the missionaries from the San Blas islands at the party?