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Sunday, July 26, 2015

We are setting a mission-wide goal for baptisms for August. We have done really well on baptisms the last three months and we want to go to a new level. Our goal for August is 143 baptisms. We chose 143 baptisms since our previous record since we have been in the mission is 142 in one month. There are five weekends in August and with the hard work that we have seen in the mission, and the awesome missionaries that we have right now, we know that this goal is very much within reach. When we hit that goal, all missionaries will receive a laminated agenda cover like those shown below. They can choose between the First Vision and Temple molas and they can choose the color and whether they want them in English or Spanish. I will also personalize them with each missionary's name. We know that we can do it -- let's make August the best month yet!

We received 4 new missionaries this week and had to say goodbye to 5 great missionaries. We are excited to have the new ones and we will miss the departing missionaries a lot and are so grateful for their service here in Panama.

We had a multi-zone preparation day this week. I tried to get photos of as many missionaries as possible!

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