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Saturday, September 20, 2014

ZONE CONFERENCE AT CARDENAS -- I try really hard to get pictures of everyone, but I always end up missing a few. If I missed you this time, come up and make sure I take a picture of you at the next zone conference. I also missed taking video of one of the musical numbers, when I was in the kitchen preparing lunch : ( Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way to make our zone conference a success.

David zone conference photos will be posted next week -- sorry, just too many photos to go through.

Funny story: we visited an Embera Indian tribe a few months ago. I took photos of some of the little girls and they took my phone and just started swiping through the photos (even primitive Indian tribes are not immune to modern technology). I let them look through photos on my phone for 20 minutes. They asked about a lot of the photos. Then they clicked on a video of singing at a zone conference (like these below). The girls asked very seriously, "Is this a funeral, did someone die?" Guess that's probably the only time they hear singing like this. We got a kick out of it.

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