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Sunday, April 27, 2014

FASTING PURPOSE FOR MAY: For the month of May, our focus is going to be on temple blessings, the law of chastity and the Proclamation on the Family.  Missionaries and their families and invited to fast together this next Fast Sunday for increased boldness in the mission in teaching the law of chastity and temple blessings.

PROPOSITO DE NUESTRO AYUNO EN MAYO: En el mes de mayo nos estamos enfocando en las bendiciones del templo, la ley de castidad, y la Proclamación acerca de la familia. Si quieren ayunar con nosotros en mayo, nuestro propósito será el ser más directos en enseñar la ley de castidad y la bendiciones del templo.

NOTE: If you maintain a blog or post letters or photos from your missionary on the internet, we ask that you please not use names of other missionaries or identify them in photos (especially with information about what zone, district or location they are serving). We have had some instances of people flying to Panama trying to locate a missionary. If you post letters, please just use the first initial of investigators or other missionaries For example, change "our investigator Jose" to our investigator J. Hermana Smith should become Hermana S., etc. Also, please remove any negative comments about your missionary's companion, other missionaries, leaders, etc. It really shouldn't be on the internet for everyone to read. Thanks for your attention to this matter.



  1. I am so happy to have found this Blog! My son will be joining this mission this summer. We are all very excited and anxious to learn more!

    1. We are excited to welcome your son! We have been in Panama for 10 months now and love it here.