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Sunday, October 27, 2013


This coming Tuesday we get a new batch of missionaries. When they arrive we will have more sister missionaries in our mission than Elders. The missionary department let us know that we are one of very few missions in the church where this is the case. We will also be up over 260 missionaries for the first time! A very exciting time to be a missionary in the Panama Mission!

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  1. Sister Carmack-Thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful blog. I am grateful for all you do for our missionaries. My son was over the moon about the fabulous 'American' meal that you made for the elders on conference Sunday a few weeks ago. He has also bragged to me about some cream puffs you made. It makes me so happy to hear that he is occasionally getting the motherly treatment that I am used to giving him, but can't. May you be blessed for all your kind efforts.
    Carolyn Johnson